Natural Hair Care Options You Should Try

Many retail hair products have been exposed recently for causing more problems than they fix. With shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products loaded with chemicals which make our locks look bad and threaten our health, we are turning towards natural hair care options in increasing numbers.

Want to go natural as well? Take heed of the following tips...

Avoid shampoos which contain sulfates, parabens, and other additives

Ditching shampoos made of harmful chemicals is the first step in going all natural. Commercial shampoos sold in grocery and drug stores are notorious for containing substances like sulfates (responsible for drying out hair), parabens (a preservative which can disrupt your endocrine system), and p-Phenylenediamine (can cause skin conditions, and is a possible neurotoxin).

None of these substances are needed to cleanse hair, as there are numerous awesome products available through your hairstylist which are free of these harmful chemicals.

You can also find them online and through special brick and mortar retailers – just be sure to examine labels carefully to ensure none of the above-mentioned troublemakers is included in your bottle of shampoo.

Craft your own hair care products

Don’t trust commercial hair care companies to create a product free of artificial compounds? If you have time, motivation, and patience, then you can craft shampoos and conditioners from ingredients found at your local grocery store.

Baking soda can be used to make a simple ‘poo: simply mix one tablespoon into a cup of warm water until it dissolves, then pour the mixture over your hair and spread it through your locks with a comb.

If you are willing to give a dry shampoo a try, find some arrowroot (a variant of starch) and sprinkle some onto your hair, massage it into your scalp, and then brush out the excess. If you have darker hair, mix some cocoa powder or cinnamon with the arrowroot for optimal results.

Want to condition your hair naturally? Make a rinse with some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Take the juice of a lemon or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and combine it with a cup of warm water.

Pour the blended mixture over your hair, using a comb to spread it through your hair. 

Soften your water

Greasy hair is among the most common complaints made by those new to natural hair care. Used to the excessive drying effects of sulfates, your scalp will crank out large quantities of oils in the first days after quitting commercial shampoo.

After a week or two, your body will adjust to the new normal, reducing oil excretions, thereby reducing the appearance of slick hair.

However, sometimes, this look will persist – while there are a number of explanations for this, the presence of hard water is one of the most common. High in minerals like limestone and chalk, hard water can irritate and dry out your scalp, triggering the continual release of oils.

If you are suffering from perpetually oily hair, get your tap water tested – if it is confirmed to be hard, get a softener. By adding special salts to this machine, the quality of your supply will improve, making it easier to maintain good looking hair.

Eat well

The hair on your head is part of your body – accordingly, any changes in diet can have a measurable impact on its quality. Your hair is composed largely of protein, but its needs may be deprioritised in favour of critical organs and muscles when you don’t get enough of this substance regularly.

A lack of protein can weaken the integrity of your hair, making it brittle and dull. Keep your hair strong and shiny by consuming plenty of lean meats, eggs, beans, tofu, and other rich sources of this essential building block.

Iron is also vital to hair health. This mineral contributes mightily to the growth of your locks – over the long run, not getting enough in your diet can put you at risk for female pattern baldness. Present in lean meats, beans, and dark greens like spinach, it is easy to get enough iron with a touch of intelligent meal planning.

If you’d like to talk about a problem with your hair or looking for a new style, get in touch today and book in with one of our mobile hairdressers.

Best Hair Care Routines To Practise

Not satisfied with the current state of your hair? By taking a long look at how you style it, there is a number of changes which can help. Below, we’ll discuss several strategies which can lead to a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your locks.

Use shampoo less

While sporting a greasy look isn’t exactly sexy, sporting wispy, dry hair won’t do the trick either. When you use shampoo in excess, it robs your locks of its moisture, giving it the consistency of a haystack.

What is the optimal frequency for washing your hair? It depends on the type you have – thicker manes can go as long as a week without shampooing, while finer locks will need treatment about 2-3 times per week.

When you do, make use of a sulfate-free product sold by our salon – doing so will reduce the drying effect it has while allowing you to clean your hair when needed.

Deep condition once per week

Conditioning is another common practice of those who possess envy-inducing hair. However, instead of using a drugstore product in the shower, they take a salon approved deep conditioner and spread a small amount from their roots to their tips.

Once it has been adequately covered, they then put their hair up into a shower cap – between 10 to 30 minutes is enough. After this time has elapsed, they rinse it out with cool water, as this tightens locks and makes them look shiny.

Avoid shampooing hair for a few days following a deep conditioning treatment, as this will undo its effects.

Dry your hair naturally

As quick and convenient blow drying can be, excessive heat exposure can dry out cuticles and make them rigid and brittle.

A much better strategy is to simply let hair dry naturally – do this by putting it up in a bun before bed. If your hair is still a bit damp come morning, blow dry it lightly using a diffuser.

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to use your blow dryer more than once per week – when you do, use its ‘cool’ setting to avoid the damage caused by hotter options.

Go for regular trims

Split ends are an almost impossible problem to avoid as your hair grows out. Not only are they unsightly, they can also put a stop to your efforts to grow longer locks.

The solution – hit the salon every six to eight weeks for a trim. By cutting the ends of your hair, not only will they continue to lengthen, but this practice will also keep you looking sharp as well.

While you can also get a friend to do your ends if you are on a tight budget, it can be a dodgy way to save money – many providers able to do this at a reasonable cost – some hairdressers can even come to your home, so shop around first instead of putting your hairstyle at risk.

Get enough protein and iron in your diet

Like any structure produced by your body, the health of your hair is directly affected by your diet.  Your lovely strands are comprised of keratinised protein – if you aren’t getting enough in your diet, your major organs and muscles will be prioritised over your hair, as it is a non-essential tissue.

Adequate iron consumption is also vital for optimal hair health, as this mineral provides your follicles with the energy needed to produce more hair. Women who neglect to consume sufficient amounts put themselves at risk for female pattern baldness.

Consuming lean meats, beans, tofu, and even dark chocolate will give you the amounts of these substances needed to ensure optimal hair health – take a look at what you eat and modify your meals – within a few months, you may see a noticeable difference.  

Need a trim, or fancy a new look or hair colour, book online today and we will come to you.


Is Dry Shampoo Right For Me?

Had it with wet shampoo products which saddle you with a head of dry, lifeless hair after the fact? There are dry shampoos available which can cleanse your locks whilst boosting volume, protecting their style, and providing relief to those with easily irritated scalps.

Should you give this product a try? Dry shampoo might be for you if...

You want to use less shampoo

Most of us have grown up using wet shampoo whilst in the shower or bath. As accustomed as we may be to this routine, many products contain agents which dry out hair excessively. Further, they often provoke an aggressive response by glands in the scalp, resulting in overly greasy hair the day after.

At most, dry shampoo only needs to be applied twice per week – lacking sulfates, it sweeps away dirt without subjecting its users to the side effects of its wet counterparts.

Your scalp gets irritated easily

Some hair treatments, like those used to colour or lighten hair, contain chemicals which can irritate the scalp. If you are among this group, dry shampoo won’t just cleanse your locks, but it can also help to relieve unpleasant sensations caused by the aforementioned products.

Many salon-quality dry shampoos contain denatured alcohol as an ingredient: when applied to your scalp, it initiates an endothermic reaction, drawing heat away from it. This creates a cooling sensation, alleviating any irritation you may be suffering. 

You want hair treatments to last longer

Ever spend a ton of money on a new, hot look, only to have it fade away days later? Unbelievably frustrating, isn’t it? Thankfully, dry shampoo can maintain the integrity of a blowout by sopping up oil as your scalp excretes it, and by discouraging dirt from getting a foothold in your hair.

This product can also help guard the vibrancy of recently coloured hair. Wet shampoos, no matter how gentle, will slowly strip away dye from your locks. By subbing in dry shampoo every other cleansing cycle, the rate of fading can be slowed significantly.

You want to give your locks a volume boost

Constantly coping with limp, thin hair can be a drag. Think you won’t ever have thick, voluptuous hair? By swapping out your wet shampoo for dry, you’ll be able to give your locks a boost. Sopping up oil as it is applied, it settles at the roots, boosting the volume of your hairstyle.

You lead a busy life

Perhaps you attend university and share a bathroom with several mates. Maybe your commute is extra-long, giving precious little time to get ready in the morning.

If you won’t be able to access the bathroom in time to make it to work or class, you can take a bottle of dry shampoo and use it to cleanse your hair in lieu of taking a shower.

While we certainly aren’t encouraging you to replace your normal showering habits, dry shampoo gives you a handy way to clean your hair when don’t have an extra second to spare.

Still on the fence?

Unsure whether this product is for you? Talk to one of our stylists about your needs, then ask them if dry shampoo would fit into your hair care regimen. If so, they’ll be able to recommend a product which stands a good chance of working well with your hair.

How To Create Top Knots

From work to social engagements, we often feel pressured to look our best. Unfortunately, this can be an energy-consuming endeavour at the best of times.

On days when we can barely summon the will to get out of bed, it is important to have simple, straightforward ways of putting together a presentable front.

Our hair is one of the most noticeable aspects of our appearance – get it right, and other fashion/makeup miscues may be overlooked.

The top knot bun is one of the simplest hairstyles one can learn – in this article, we’ll run down the steps you’ll need to follow to master it.

Calm down your hair

Even on the best of mornings, your hair is often an unruly mess. As a result, you’ll need to tame your locks before you can do anything to them.

Grab some hair moisturiser or hairspray and give your dome a good spritzing. Doing so will whip any rebellious flyaways into shape and will supply nourishment while your strands are cooped up in the bun you are about to make. 

Comb it back towards the crown of your head

Once you have gotten your locks into a more pliable state, take a brush and comb them back towards the crown of your head.

Once you have gotten it all in position, seize and hold your tresses whilst you secure them with a hair tie. This will create a ponytail which will serve as the foundation for our top knot bun.

Twist your ponytail and wrap it around the tie

After being satisfied with the ponytail you have created, grab and twist it, as this will make it easier to make a top knot bun.

Once you have done this, wind your twisted tail around the tie at its base. After the first revolution, take the remaining hair and tuck it underneath the bun.

Secure the bun with a bobby pin

Once you have secured your ponytail within the top knot bun, all that remains to be done is to lock it into place.

Grab a bobby pin from your dresser and use it to secure the bun – tuck what loose hair remains underneath it. If one doesn’t do the trick, feel free to use additional pins until you are satisfied with your top knot’s stability.   

Try out other variations of this simple style

As easy as a top knot bun can be to make, there are other numerous variations which can be learned quickly once you have mastered the aforementioned hairstyle.

The messy top knot is a popular variant, as it makes use of most of the steps outlined above. The major difference between a conventional top knot and the messy version lies in skipping the hair straightening step and applying a sea salt spray at the start of the process.

Many who sport the messy top knot regularly also split their ponytail into halves, creating a bun with each. Be sure to tease the hair in your buns and apply hairspray to make the messiness stand out.

No idea how to do the top knot right?

Having trouble with any or all of the above? Get in touch with experienced hair professionals in Sydney and vicinity, and they’ll equip you with the skills you need to style your hair quickly and easily every morning!

How To Make Curls Last Longer

Of all the styles which the straight-haired among us aspire, those with curls are usually among the most popular. While it is totally possible for straight hair to look smashing, curly hair is attention-grabbing by its very nature and is considered sexy by many men and women.

While tools and products exist to help make straight hair curly, many struggle to get theirs to hold position for more than a few fleeting hours. Are you in this club? Let’s get your locks looking the best they have in years.

Wash and blow dry your hair

Curls don’t hold well when you attempt to set them with dirty locks. By shampooing and conditioning your hair with quality salon-approved product, you’ll have light, clean hair which responds better to curling treatments.

After stepping out of the shower, blow drying your hair is the next step in the process. Don’t do it upright – instead, flip your head upside down and start from the roots and work your way out.

Using a diffuser will allow you concentrate the heat on select areas, so pick one up from a stylist in the Sydney area if you get the chance.

Apply structure-adding hair products

Once uniformly dry, apply styling product, as this will make it easier for curls to hold position. Start by laying down some heat treatment spray – don’t neglect this step, as repeated heat damage from irons can make your hair nearly impossible to work with.

Next, apply foundation products: this includes curling spray, setting spray, and mousse, as these will give your locks a rougher texture. This way, your curls will set in the style you want and will hold for longer. 

Use a flat iron instead of a curling iron

This may not make sense but bear with us. While curling irons have been the weapon of choice for those seeking sexy curls for generations, a growing number of women have been making use of flat irons recently.

While most associate flat irons with straightening hair, they have started to utilise these tools to curl hair for two reasons.

First, ceramic heaters in flat irons go easier on hair than curling irons. The latter tool often lacks this protection, ultimately resulting in damaged hair which refuses to curl.

Secondly, flat irons give a greater degree of control over the curling process. This opens up a ton of possibilities, in the long run, making a great choice for the style conscious.

Lost on where to begin? Follow this quick tutorial, and you’ll be well on your way to creating intriguing curls your friends won’t be able to stop talking about.

Allow hot curls to cool

After crafting their curls, many think they are ready to hit town, only to be disappointed when they unravel just a few hours later.  Avoid this embarrassing scenario by shoring them up until they cool.

Use some bobby pins to secure your curls, then check your phone or watch TV for 15 minutes while you wait for them to cool.

If you’re in a rush, though, grab your blow dryer, set it to the often-neglected cold mode, and expose your curls to a continual blast of room temperature air until all heat has dissipated.  

We have a bunch of products in our shop, check them out.

Must Have Hair Styles in 2018

Bored with your hair’s appearance? If you haven’t put a great deal of thought into its style lately, then perhaps it is time to shake things up.

In this blog, we’ll discuss hairstyles which are setting the fashion world on fire in 2018 – check them out, then get your hair stylist to transform your look.

The Angular Blunt Bob

A retro hairstyle making a comeback in 2018, the angular blunt bob is a cut which suits a wide variety of faces. This explains its sudden resurgence, as celebrities like Margot Robbie have taken to this versatile cut.

This is a great style for women looking to make their hair appear stronger, thicker, and healthier. It works best if your hair is straight, though it is possible to style in waves without compromising this cut’s integrity.      

Textured Pixie Cut

Looking for something short and light? The textured pixie cut will satisfy both of these desires while keeping things stylish.

Opting for this pixie cut will give your head the character simpler versions often lack, so be sure to emphasise your desire for layers when communicating with your hairdresser.

If they press for specifics, ask for more length at the top than usual, referencing Kate Hudson’s latest look for context, which has turned heads with its beguiling texture.

Baby Bangs

When your hair stylist asks how short you want your bangs, feel free to go tighter than before. Thanks to stunning short cuts sported by stars like Emma Watson, baby bangs are popular once more.

Confidence is key to pulling this look off – the more self-assured you are, the better the odds it will add to your appearance than detract from it.

If you are ready to rock this style, there are several variations to pick from – from bold blunt straight cuts to the rough and ready look of a choppy fringe, there are multiple ways to get this conversation-provoking cut. 

Asymmetrical Lob

A form of long bob, the asymmetrical lob is a cut where one side ends up being longer than the other. As such, there are countless variations of this hairstyle – however, we have become quite fond of cuts which are long in the front and short in the back.

These cuts can be very polarising in nature (recipients either love or hate them) the further you go, so err on the side of being conservative – keep the difference in length to an inch or two (just enough to be noticeable) at first.

If you are feeling yourself, however, find a picture of an asymmetrical style you adore and place your locks in the hands of a trusted hairdresser

Wispy Bangs

Don’t want to dramatically overhaul your appearance, but still looking to make a statement? More stars are opting to get wispy bangs lately, as the sassy image they project doesn’t require a massive reworking of their hairstyle.

Take a look at the look Selena Gomez pulled off at Coach’s event during New York Fashion Week last month – by simply manipulating the texture of her bangs, she sent style writers and the paparazzi into a tizzy. With the help of a skilled stylist, you can do the same.

Top Tips For Adding Volume To Your Hair

There are few things more frustrating to deal with than dry, frazzled hair. Resembling a haystack at the worst of times, this look can sap your confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to add volume to your locks, no matter how out-of-control they may be.

Rehabilitate your mane by trying the following techniques.

Upgrade your shampoo

Most shampoos found on the shelves of supermarkets and drugstores are filled with harsh chemicals which can damage your hair. They contain mass amounts of sulphates, parabens, and silicon, which dry out and dull it over time.

While the high price of salon shampoos can give some heart palpitations, the reason they are sold by your favourite hair stylist lies in their superior quality. These professionals aren’t trying to make a quick buck – by recommending any product, they are staking their reputation to its success.

Get in touch with skilled mobile hair stylists in the Sydney area, as they can recommend salon shampoos which boast heavy concentrations of natural ingredients like vitamins, olive oil, and bentonite clay, all of which will add volume to your hair in the long run.

Start using root boosters

Just finished taking a shower? Don’t pick up that hair dryer just yet – take a second to spritz the stems of your hair with some root booster. Think of this product as a foundation for your hairstyle – by applying while your hair is still damp, any hairstyle you do will stand a much better chance of holding throughout the day.

Just be sure to apply the root booster before using your hair dryer, as this product is much less effective when used on dry roots.

Blow dry your hair upside down

If you are convinced the act of blow drying is what kills your hair’s volume, you’re half right. However, it is not the practice itself which is to blame, but the technique employed whilst performing this task.

Instead of drying your hair upright, flip your hair upside down and start at the roots. This will allow you to dry your head more efficiently, avoiding overuse of heat which can lead to thin, frizzy hair.

Embrace hot rollers

Looking for a low maintenance way to bake some moisture into your locks? Make like Mum and set your hair into some hot rollers. After about 20 minutes, which you can use to watch TV, peruse Instagram, or do your makeup, your strands will have plenty of volume to work with.

Did you blow dry your hair a bit too well? When this happens, this technique will help restore lost moisture, so keep a set of these lifesavers at hand should you ever need to use them.

Sleep with your hair in a bun

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wake up every morning with a head full of voluminous hair? By doing your hair into a bun before bed, this could soon become your new reality.

Here’s how it works: after your nightly shower or bubble bath, do not completely dry your hair – leave it a bit damp. Next, lift your hair up into a bun, securing it with a scrunchie.

As you sleep, your hair will dry whilst lifted off your scalp, granting it volume from the moment you wake up in the morning.  

Check out our online shop for products to help maintain the volume you’ve achieved.

Ready set.... Formal!

It’s that time of the year again, when teenage girls start thinking dresses, shoes, make-up and hair, meanwhile teenage boys start thinking…… girls!

Parents credit cards start to flinch in their pockets as the planning and shopping kicks in for the high school formal, ouch!

For a teenage girl this is their night of nights, The Oscars, The Emmy’s, The Selfie awards all tied into one fantastic, amazing, mind blowing evening where finally, at last! people at school get to see you as the beautiful swan you are, instead of the school girl with the same uniform as everyone else (does anyone have a fashionable school uniform that flatters the female or male body? uh no!) or the girl with dirty sneakers and a scruffy hair. This is the most important social function of the year and everything must be perfect! no pressure....

Now let’s take a moment to really think about the dress, to the rookie formal go-er this may not seem like an important decision but that is where you would be incorrect, the dress ties the whole look together, when we style someone’s hair for a formal the first thing we ask is “can I see the dress?”, this may seem like an odd question but to us it is vital we know the style and length of the dress, the reason for this is simple; if the dress is strapless then we may leave some or all of the hair out, if the top of the dress is all frills and spills we may put all of the hair up to accentuate the beautiful dress.

blog post pic 1.jpeg


There are many factors we take into consideration when doing hair for a high school formal, are you a delicate dancer? Or someone who like to thrash their hair around? Are you arriving in style in a convertible? (every hair stylist’s nightmare, but fear not we can make this work!) are you someone who wants to look like a slightly better version of your daily self? Or do you want to make a bold statement? Our team at Hair On The Move 2U gathers all of this information to ensure you end up with the ultimate do, whether it’s the latest waves, curls, messy or neat up do’s we can make it happen!



Hands up who knows how to do their own amazing make-up? Or who has a friend who went shopping at MECCA and has now decided you will be their make-up guinea pig? Both of these options may be risky for your night of nights, that’s why we have the most talented make-up artists that will come to your home (or wherever you’re getting ready) and wave their magic brushes over your gorgeous face to accentuate your own beautiful features! (and let’s face it, if you’re young enough to be attending the high school formal you are indeed beautiful- even if you don’ realise it yet! Wait til you look back at the photo’s-I’m showing my age here gals!). If it’s a more dramatic look you’re going for they can also create something bold and brilliant, a real show stopper look just for you! Check out our work here!

So what are you waiting for?! Go online and book your hair and make-up for yourself or why not grab a group and make a pre-formal get ready (hair, make-up and all that stuff) party! We can’t wait to make you feel and look fabulous for your formal.

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