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Tape or clip in extensions

Tape extensions provide an extremely natural looking length and thickness, they are taped on very fine rows of hair to keep it looking and moving naturally, full head or half head available.

Clip in extensions are a non permanent approach, colour matched to your natural hair, they are easy to clip in and take out as you please - offering versatility. Perfect for events and occasions.

With both tape & clip in extensions, we only use the highest quality grade hair extensions - AAA Temple Remy hair.


Nano Bead & Micro Bead

We highly recommend Eve's Hair Extensions  for nano bead & micro bead extensions. At Hair on the Move, we are specialists in tape extensions and we use Eve as our supplier for the hair. Eve sources the best quality 100% Remy hair human hair and also sources Russian hair for her hair enthusiast the most highly sought after hair and best quality on the market. 

Our team can cut and style your extensions or cut your hair prior. 

Discover more about Eve's Hair Extensions or contact us for a quote on colouring & styling.